Lime – The Citrusy Call Of Duty xModel Exporter

Call of Duty has a load of new weapons and models that would be perfect for mods in older versions of Cod.

So I have created a xModel exporter witch can export all the loaded models from the game.

The models are exported 100% identical to the original model file, including material names, iwi names, rig, joint names and bind weights.

The program was designed to be made up of a number of different modules, the program works by having a game specific dll that handles the loading and decompressing of the model data passing back a know data type to the program which all the other modules understand.

This means a dll can be made for other games, because even if the data is stored completely different in that game the dll handles the processing and converting of the data into the known data type.

Simplified UML:

Lime - UML Snippet
Lime – UML Snippet


Example Images:


Black Ops 2:




744 thoughts on “Lime – The Citrusy Call Of Duty xModel Exporter

  1. I got an error “The following exe (t6mp.exe) is diffrent to any the tool supports, if the game has just been updated please wait, otherwise please contact me via my sight,” even though i have waited for a while

  2. I’m getting missing DLL files, and I’ve downloaded multiple times, so I don’t think its an issue on my end, but I might be wrong

  3. Is there a possibility that you will make checking for updates with Lime optional, so each time the site goes down its still usable?

  4. Hey Tom.

    I’m a bit of a maya noob, unfortunately. After opening the .ma files from lime, how do I view the animations in maya?


  5. Hey, id like to use this to help create a custom map for WaW but cant see it in the downloads section can someone post a link please it would be much appreciated + credit when i release my map, thanks

  6. Hi Tom im a fan of your work,this programs what you did makes exporting models to look like a pieace of cake,but here comes the problem,i dont have strong PC that can run BO2 and so i cant rig models from any DLC too…is there a way to help me with this if you allready have this models?

  7. Tom i have have try to do that,started BO2 zombies, started that Lime- exesupport center but it says : No supported games were found running. So basicly game and program were running but Lime didnt recognize nothing..i have noSteam Black ops 2…..please what else can i do? i just need that game to export some zombie models for cod 4: RotU

    1. in the gamesupport folder tom mentioned you have to have your game running then run the Lime – ExeSupportCreator app then send the .lime file to tom via his contact page so he can add it to lime 🙂

  8. Can you please add support for the latest crack for Black ops 1? I coud not create a .lime file from the gamesupport exe because it did not recognize the binary file

  9. Is it possible to take the zombie_vending_nuke_on model (PhD Flopper on) and export it and import it back into the game for use on other levels by placing it somewhere using mod tools ?

  10. Hi Tom
    Did you just made the Lime support for Ghosts?

    ’cause i saw somebody (if you really want to know who’s the guy, he’s susel :P) exported the Lynx helicopter model, astronaut viewhands and Kyra’s model, and i saw the “tom_” header before the name of the model, and that made it really obvious.

  11. Hey, is it possible to rip FX from the game?

    Thats should be really cool if that’s possible and you could do that 🙂

    Thanks Tom for another great tool!

  12. Tom can you please send me via my email some mw2 single player animations with the name starting with heat_ and juggernaut.

  13. Tom can you tell me how I can send you the .exe’s for the nemexis client since lime support creator is not creating a . lime support file

  14. I know you said you’re working on it, but any rough estimates on time of public availability of the Lemon tool and Ghosts support for Lime?

  15. Also, is it possible to get the Samantha and Eddie models from the Origins ending cutscene, or are the models not possible to extract that way?

  16. Hi Tom
    Can i ask you a question? Is it possible for you to make some sort of viewhands fixer for newer COD games to make them compatible with older COD games? I know they’re really easy to fix, but, you know, for some really lazy person like me 🙂

    1. We will be able to get the xanims with the upcoming tool – he mentioned a possibility a map extractor but not for *.d3dbsp as far as I know (Though I, myself, have been working with D3DBSP’s lately myself).

  17. If there’s already a plan to make a map exporter, what’s the point in doing the same for d3bsp files if you can make them with a simple click with the map file (.map)

  18. is there a way to take the bind files and attach it to the xmodel xport so when you convert it the joints go with it?

  19. hate to bother ya, but i’m wondering when we can expect the big Ghosts update on Lime? i’m working on a gamemode for garry’s mod akin to that of extinction, and i need the alien models with their binding scripts in place. so, just wondering mate :3

      1. Ghosts is a COD game -.-
        About exporting models, I was able to port MP5k with all the animations into Unity engine very easily using tom’s tools.

        1. I know COD Ghosts is a cod game.
          What I don’t know is if people can export from COD games and use it for other mods/games.

          1. You talking about legal actions on a reverse engineering website.. good job! Everything on this website is usually not allowed by companies, exporting assets without the company’s concern is taken illegal in many countries, but hey who cares?

  20. Hi Tom, i did use the stuff in folder called gamesupport in Lime but it cant recognize nonsteam game, is there a way to fix that? can i send you BO2 zombie exe for you to take a look ?

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