Black Ops 2 iPak Exporter

With Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 comes a new format called iPak.

This is a new format that is used for streaming textures from the HDD at runtime.
My latest tool allows you to take this format and decompress and export all the contained textures directly to DDS.

Normal Map are decompressed and encoded to 32-bit TGA’s at runtime since the format normal maps are in is not supported by Paint Dot net or Gimp making it annoying to edit.

The tool can export all internal image types but 1, the one type that it dose not support is only used for 8 images out of 22,000+ so I didn’t bother making this tool support exporting those 8 images currently, as the time 2 reward is just not worth it.

The program is console based and has a number of options:

Example Images:


5 thoughts on “Black Ops 2 iPak Exporter

  1. I was wondering are you working on a .pak extractor for GHOSTS? And I would like to have and create custom gun skins and such will we be able to Re-Pack the files this time or is a texture change not possible like BO2

  2. A lot of the modding community has been requesting a re packer if the files wont work for multiplayer then it should still work in single player and perhaps zombies if you make such a thing I know several people willing to donate!

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