Black Ops Sound Tool

If you mod Black Ops you will know that the sound files are not standard, not good for modders trying to make thier mods a bit more polished. (sad face)

So I decided to help the BO modding community by creating this tool.

The Tool will both export and create Blacks ops compatible sounds.

Which means you will be able to created custom sounds for you mod as well as adding custom streamed music, for that epic background ambient track for your mod.

The tool supports the following conversions currently:

BO adpcm -> 16-bit pcm
BO xWMA -> 16-bit pcm
16-bit pcm -> BO adpcm
16-bit pcm -> BO xWMA

Don’t be affraid by the term 16-bit pcm, it’s just the name of a uncompressed internal format for wave files (.wav)
Which will be combatible with anything that can open a .wav (windows media player, vlc, quicktime etc…)

Example Images:


2 thoughts on “Black Ops Sound Tool

  1. Hey Tom, this tool is really great, i watched the “Black Ops -Custom Sounds – In Game Demo” and im wondering if i will be able to replace the weapon sounds in the game? i tried to look at what you were doing in the video but it didnt help me much. So could you help me so i can replace the gun sounds in Black Ops 1?


  2. ^ If Nightmaremutant figures this, imagine what awesome sounds he might be able to infuse into this game 😀 Good luck to you sir oh and nice site your tool Master Tom is fantastic

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