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  • *.ZK.*Pollo

    Just amazed by your astonishing skills. Thank you so much for all these great tools, keep it like that :)
  • FalleN

    Thanks For All Of Your Awesome Tools
  • Simon

    Thank you so much Tom, not only for your incredible skill but also your generous advice and time! Hope you enjoy the Guinness soon...
  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your reverse engineering work, mate!
  • WiSiT

    Thanks for your great programs.
    Lime help me a lot to found the xmodels name loaded to create zombie maps on teknomw3 ;)
  • jzob123

    because tom makes wins :D
  • shliz

    Thanks for the great tools. Keep up the good work.
  • {OSG}Brodie

    thanks Tom great tools.
    wish i could donate more/more often
    will donate as and when

    Thanks again Brodie, Aka Dave
  • {OSG}Brodie

    thanks Tom great tools.
    wish i could donate more/more often
    will donate as and when

  • FzBr.d4rk

    Thanks for the tools :D!
  • Nukem

    because hard work should be rewarded !

    slut :D
  • elfenlied

    because tom keeps making those incredible wins oh and

  • Cowman

  • elfenlied

    because tom makes wins that out wins them all :P
  • Highflex

    Supporting your awesome work again :)

    Keep it up!
  • jzob123

  • mitsurugi

    ty very much for your tools :)
  • =CS=Pain_Kill3r

    Excellent tools for us mappers
  • BluntStuffy

  • elfenlied

    tom makes wins :P !!
  • jzob123

    da cat be wining
  • jzob123

  • jzob123

  • xXxCowmanxXx09

    Thanks for all of your win tools :) Drool
  • jzob123

    tom makes to many wins
  • Rambo

    thanks for the tools! you do great work Tom
  • Phazon

    Thanks for all your tools you've made for call of duty. I appreciate everything you've given to people for free and to me as well. You practically give us mod tools for each game lol. Thanks again keep up the great work.
  • A Nun-y Mouse

  • Zebsiz hoog newb

    nao u haz rumz
  • Highflex

    Second donation from me because i just love your tools!

    Keep going, you made so much possible in terms of asset editing and learning from the extracted resources, really glad to have your tools :)

    I promised you that I would donate per game, Here is the donation for MW3 AND Ghosts.

    Can't wait! Great job!!!
  • echo000/Cameron Finn

    Just adding more to my measly donation last time. Once again, thanks for the tools tom!
  • Rollonmath42

    Hopefully this helps you towards a new GPU, can't wait to see Ghosts assets going :)
  • Gazyi

    Thanks for your tools! Keep your work up!
    P.S. I still hope you'll add COD2 support to your Xmodel Utils :)
  • Half-Dead

    Huge fan Tom, I've used your tools countless times. They've been a godsend. Good luck getting a new GPU
  • elfenlied

    keep the wins up this should help towards your gpu :P
  • echo000/Cameron Finn

    Love the tools tom!
  • Lorenzo

    Thank you Tom for all the tools and programs you provided for the community!
  • Dylan

    After a year and a half of using your tools, my girlfriend and I can't get enough, thank you so much for your service!
  • willyboy0122

    thanks for the great tools and support
  • Intricate

    You know you like it.
  • Cra0kalo

    #1 software engineer I hope you can get those cooked files reversed!
  • rotceh_dnih

    have a beer you sexy bitch
  • P0rkRoyalz

    For helping me make a lot of wins recently and just being win, you deserve it :D Half is for wincat though ?
  • Michael

    Thanks for everything Tom!


    Here, keep up the amazing work.
  • HL2modvideos

    This is the second time i donate, but i really think you deserve it Tom.
    I hope this will aid towards a soon to come release of Mw2 support for Lime :)

    Again, thanks for your tools! They helped me and alot of others. Keep doing what you're good at man.
  • Highflex

    Thanks for your awesome work, really great tools you made, made my life much easier!!!!
  • KiLL3R_TaDeJ

    Thank you Tom for your great tools :)
  • Josh Zemlinsky

    Dear Tom, I thank you so deeply for your amazing work on these many useful tools you have provided.

    Thanks to you, my dream of being able to get Call Of Duty models out of the game, has finally come true.

    I hope this donation will show how much i support you, and how much i look forward to your updates.

    Thank you so MUCH! You deserve every penny and more. :)
  • ElTitoPricus

    Thanks for your magic :)
  • Zebba

    This is for your cat, as I know he does all the work :) Thanks Win Cat and Tom, for all you do
  • Darkflame

    Keep up the good work!
  • hellboy

    great job. :). i really enjoy your work
  • P0rkRoyalz

    I felt I needed to donate because you must use up a lot of your time programming these applications to such nice standards and make them very easy to use for anyone and its all free for us so I thought I'd give something back, keep up the great work hope to see more soon :)
  • Nukem

    Thats for win cat as i know hes been coding like a boss :)


    Thank you for everything you have done, Your tools are the best thing since sliced bread :P
  • Se7en

    I know 1 isn't that much, but I just want to say thank you for your hard work! Keep doing it man!
  • Darkmapper

    I felt like i owe you something as you helped me out a lot earlier :). Thanks for that!
  • Doomava

    internet be praised! cheers mate for your work!
  • RadiHaX

    thx for the erotic products and services
  • Nukem

    You are a boss and your hard work makes mapping / modding so much more enjoyable , Thanks for all your help
  • Treminaor

    Thanks for all your apps, I use them daily and could not do half as much without them. Long Live ZM !
  • Don Goony

    This is just a small token of my appreciation for all the wonderful things you do for the custom zombie community, and for the numerous times you have helped me with several projects and programs Cheers !!!
  • RadimaX

    aka !|V| 50|2|2`/ 4 |V|`/ |D|23\/!0U5 +3><+
  • Dylan and Magenta

    We absolutely love your tools, and how much they've helped us with our projects. We can't thank you enough for what you've done for us, so we hope this small token of our appreciation's worth it. Good luck in the future, and keep up the good work!
  • eric (aka) hellboy

    awesome apps :)
  • Cra0kalo

    Tom you always end up winning, I hope this helps you finish those xanims and supports you in your future projects. YOU ROCK!
  • eric (aka) hellboy

    i really enjoy your apps, you make it easier for me to mod. keep up the good work.
  • RadimaX

    aka Ty|D!(4|_T|2y-H4r|)-||!(3|2 such as
  • CoDEmanX

    To the best reverse engineer i know