FastFile Exporter

This is a tool for exporting the contents of a FastFile, it will get all script and sound files out currently.

The program is multithreaded and easy to use, plus makes use of some of my new GUI controls.

Demo Video:

Example Images:

14 thoughts on “FastFile Exporter

  1. Hey tom, love this tool. Would u please maybe look adding support for mw2 and then ps3 mw2? And maybe even make a compiler. The only files i need extracted and compiled for the ps3 are the mw2 menu files.

  2. The new update crashes every time I try to use it on a WAW fastfile. Several other people I know also have this issue.

  3. Ok! very thx!
    i succes download and use ff extractor and BO sound tools very very nice program respect and thx!
    i want edit the xbox 360 ff file… can you help me?
    I trying this program:

    Have a problem: if want edit any script doesent save this script delete from the list. than MagiCall95 on the forum… Can you download this software and fixed this problem? I cant programming…
    I have other problem xbox360 .pak file cod bo… then later…
    Sorry that i write this problem this comment!

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