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  1. – Face textures not loading when importing to maya/3ds max, unless done manually.
    -Full range of textures not there such as spec level maps or opacity maps.

      1. I’m using Maya 8.5. Everything is fine except that when I import the .ma file there are no face textures included. Of course I can do this manually but sure its a simple fix.
        Also is it possible to bring in cluster shape expressions for the face? At the moment I create face expressions manually to do facial animation.

        1. The reason face textures are not included is:

          BO2 renders the face rather different using a large number of textures, if I apply any one of them by itself the face just looks gray and transparent. So I left it white, then you can just apply the heads texture to the face mesh.

          BO2 Uses wrinkle maps for the face, a update will soon allow for all used textures by the model to be included.

  2. It appears that when I import an exported model, the normal are reversed and none of the UVmaps remain. (The second part may be my importer)

  3. Some images are never being exported, try exporting all the models from Jungle in BO, some of model images for me are not being exported.

    like ~-gairplane_metal_01_col

    1. Umm try deleting your GDT cache.

      All bo1 images now have the ~ replaced with _ if you have GDT cache with ~ in it will still show them.

  4. Lime is updated and BO2 Zombie also updated.I see bug id# 1 already resolved but i try with bo2 sp char no problem.But when i try with bo2 zombie Abigail Briarton char ,it have bend idle animation and mouth.No problem with bo1 char.Everything is updated,is there anything wrong?

  5. Not really a bug, but…
    The new specs maps are exported as a dds,
    I think they have to be tga to work in the assman.
    Anyway, converted them is nothing 🙂

  6. 1. If you use the scrollbar all objectnames are replaced by the top or bottom objectname until you deselect the bar.

    2. If you export an object during exporting another one the tool crashes.

  7. Is Lime converting all of the bone name’s to lowercase intentionally or is that actually how the models are. Such as “j_mainroot” vs “J_MainRoot” – are they even supposed to be case sensitive?

  8. Any *.mtl files created using lime use:
    “map_Kd ..\\_images\\filename.dds”
    which doesn’t work when importing. However when they are changed to:
    “map_Kd ..\_images\filename.dds”
    “map_Kd ../_images/filename.dds”
    the textures import correctly. (The xModelUtils used “directory/filename.dds”)

  9. the XMODEL_EXPORT files created by Lime or the xModelUtils all use:
    “mtl_name” “Type” “TomBMX_is_win.dds” for each material. Assuming this is referring to the file name for a given material and the name of the material itself, the name of the material is being set correctly – however the file names are being set incorrectly.

    Should this be affecting anything, because a sample XMODEL_EXPORT given with teh tools has:
    MATERIAL 0 “mtl_desert_marines” “Lambert” “marines_col_desert.tga”

  10. My antivirus suddenly thinks LIME is untrustworthy – and a bunch of warning popups appear every time its launched because of the *.exe that’s generated. I think this is more of a problem with my antivirus but I thought it could be useful to know.

  11. hmm, for some reason when i export bo1 models, some of the xmodels will not convert in asset manager. but its only the models i use lime to export. it writes like one line of code then the converter sits idle for hours on end, to no avail. is there a setting i have wrong?

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