4 thoughts on “Lime – Converting models to Cod5

  1. Hi all this work looks amazing, btw you can make tutorial for CoD 4, and when i speaking about that, With Lime i have exported few models of zombies, but having trouble to convert them to cod 4…can i ask you to do me that favour or?

  2. i didnt have xanim of thundergun but follow all clear and sharp toms tutorial for custom gun and i could make rig and bind and finally make all animation for this gun
    and everything was good but the worldmodel in coop was incorrect position.
    and tom help me about this by mail ,and i want to thanks tom for great work and support.i ve never seen like him.he able to find everything in games for creating software to editable by players .and this skill be done only by one person”tom crowley”
    Thanks thanks for all works that you did.

  3. Yo tom. can’t figure out how to get my exported models into waw. makes a win vid ? instead of just saying coming soon. lol

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