Lime – The Citrusy Call Of Duty xModel Exporter

Call of Duty has a load of new weapons and models that would be perfect for mods in older versions of Cod.

So I have created a xModel exporter witch can export all the loaded models from the game.

The models are exported 100% identical to the original model file, including material names, iwi names, rig, joint names and bind weights.

The program was designed to be made up of a number of different modules, the program works by having a game specific dll that handles the loading and decompressing of the model data passing back a know data type to the program which all the other modules understand.

This means a dll can be made for other games, because even if the data is stored completely different in that game the dll handles the processing and converting of the data into the known data type.

Simplified UML:

Lime - UML Snippet
Lime – UML Snippet


Example Images:


Black Ops 2:




744 thoughts on “Lime – The Citrusy Call Of Duty xModel Exporter

  1. Tom i need to send you my error report file for mw3 says its the wrong version or may have been updated

  2. When i go to import my model it doesnt appear in radiant. I took the van from mp in cod bo2 and i cant get it to work

  3. Hi Tom, I’m getting a “Bad Read Failed to read mem” error when I run Lime64. I’m using the 4gb patch for Ghosts. Is this common? Is there a workaround fix?

  4. I use MW2 Repz to get weapon model but Lime don’t find it 🙁

    How can i fix it?

    How can i change the Path in “directories”?

    Mw2: Not set and i can’t change 🙁


  5. Hi.
    I have problems with animating delta force hands from CODMW3 and M27 from CODBO2 in Maya 2011 x64, also can’t use export all option on CODBO2 game or Lime will get in Not Responding status and the program will close..

    Also, I can’t enable Pre-Binded Models (should be “Joint Bound Models” 😀 ) because it is disabled.

    Please help me.

  6. I have Windows 10 and when I open the 64 bit version with Bo2, it doesn’t recognize the game. And when I try to open the 32 bit version, it says I don’t have permission to open it even though I’m an admin. Please fix it, I need the AN-94 model 😀

  7. hello tom i recently downloaded lime and when i attempt to launch i get a window saying tom_updater.exe is corrupt. is there a fix for this?

  8. Hi there, I have a question that I haven’t seen posted when I skimmed through this page (sorry if it was answered). Gun models are usually divided into at least 2 models: the gun and the magazine. Some guns have more, such as snipers that have the scope. Importing these things in works, but then I have to manually move them around and do a best guess approximation of where they are supposed to be. Is there any way to get the position of say the Ballista magazine relative to the gun itself?

    Thanks to anyone who replies, and the program looks very nice and sleek. I hear it can export from other games too and even export in formats that would allow you to port into older COD’s. I have yet to try that but it sounds exciting 🙂

    1. Do these steps to place them in their correct place:
      1. Open the weapon mesh in maya.
      2. Run bind script to attach joints to meshes.
      3. Drag-and-drop the attachment you want to be added.
      4. See the hierarchy. You should have a something named “Joints” and another one “XX_joints” where XX is the attachment you imported.
      5. there is a tag under “XX_Joints”. Find the same tag under the “Joints” in hierarchy. Select the one under “XX_Joints” and make it a child of the one under “Joints”.
      6. Set the relative position and rotation to (0,0,0).
      7. Now make it a child of its “parent’s parent” (which may be “j_gun”). (I think steps after 6 may be unnecessary)
      8. Save it as .mb and after that, you can successfully use TANIM importer to import any animation.

      Attaching to the hands is the same as previous (you can see Tom’s YouTube tutorial video for that)

  9. Is there any way to select the game manually? I need some gun models from Bo2. But I didn’t wanna have to spend 70$ on a old game. And Lime wont recognize cracked games. Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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