Lime – The Citrusy Call Of Duty xModel Exporter

Call of Duty has a load of new weapons and models that would be perfect for mods in older versions of Cod.

So I have created a xModel exporter witch can export all the loaded models from the game.

The models are exported 100% identical to the original model file, including material names, iwi names, rig, joint names and bind weights.

The program was designed to be made up of a number of different modules, the program works by having a game specific dll that handles the loading and decompressing of the model data passing back a know data type to the program which all the other modules understand.

This means a dll can be made for other games, because even if the data is stored completely different in that game the dll handles the processing and converting of the data into the known data type.

Simplified UML:

Lime - UML Snippet
Lime – UML Snippet


Example Images:


Black Ops 2:




744 thoughts on “Lime – The Citrusy Call Of Duty xModel Exporter

  1. First THX for you new Tool Lime64 for CoD Ghosts!

    BUT: Why does this only export Charmodels and Weapons? Iam a Mapper and need the other Models 😉 Like Walls, Crates ah i think you know what i mean 😉

  2. i keep getting an error about the updater not connecting to server, im sure its something im doing wrong,lol, im sort of a noob. im lost because it worked fine last week

  3. Well, shit. Grabbed Ghosts while there was Steam Free Weekend, Lime64 crashed when exporting 1784th model loaded in the main menu. Great job on Lime64 though 😀

  4. hey Tom, have you done tutorial on how to setup the perspective on maya, so I can start leaning how to do anims’s. thanks

  5. hey Tom, it started to do this again, any ideas
    this game is supported , but the binary you using is not

  6. Lime ( always crashes when exporting all on BO2. I’ve tried multiple maps, but same result. Solution?

  7. This is a bit of topic, but does anyone know where I could download the CodWAW maya plugins for newer maya versions such as 2012, 2013? I heard there is one by Aidam. Does anyone know where I can find it?

  8. Tom I have a problem with your programs. I have tried to import and extract with Lime but as my games are not original and are cracked not let me export anything . I do not work. It gives me errors and says I see you. Is there any way that I can run your programs if my games are not steam or original ? I’ve tried all the Lime and Lime SuportCreator exe and nothing I will not . Games are pirates and are crackedos cause I play online and crack that I use for example for MW2 is IW4 and Black Ops is the Nemexis which are quite common . Your programs are very good and I would like to use them. Is there any solution to run your programs in my games ? Is it not recognize me and I need your help. How I can make me recognize your program my games ? I hope you can help me I do custom maps for Cod 5 WaW and I need to work with your Extract scripts, models , animation programs and everything. I hope your anxious response jejejjeejeje Thanks and keep it up because you are very good and your programs are fantastic A genius greeting! XD Here I leave the exe of the game if you can help me:

  9. hey I bought black ops 2 and I was trying to export all models on nuketown but it never made a GDT I checked off create GDT in the export all section but everytime I save it, the check mark disappears. do you why this is Tom. thanks

  10. Hi Tom!
    I have downloaded Lime64, but im getting “No instances of a supported game where found, make sure the game is open.”

    The game is running. Its a cracked version: Call.of.Duty.Ghosts-RELOADED. Is it supported?

  11. I have
    “Version: 1.0(Sexy) 64-bit
    Checking for updates..
    o no updates avalible”

    i started first the game, then Lime64, but i got the same error…

  12. Tom’ve updated the Lime but still not working. You have already added support? You have to copy all the folders and files that are inside the rar file. Lime in the game folder? Tom_game.dll eg, Tom_gdt.dll, binary.dat, iwi_linker_pak_0.tilk, All this is copied into the game folder? Or is it installed? Is that still does not work for me the Lime and after the upgrade is just not install it and can not find any tutorial on how you can either install or whether to copy or if this does not work for me that you have not added support . I hope you can help me. Why it might not work me? I leave the link here again:
    Thanks for all and best regards

  13. omg, is this real? lemon is finally coming out, been wanting that for ages. cant wait to finally use it!

  14. Thank you Tom, btw is there a way if Lime fails to update that we can continue work normally because if update fails entire program shuts down?

  15. Tom and I thank the Lime works thanks to the support. In Spain we are in crisis and we do not work but when I have money I’ll make a donation that you deserve your programs are the best. jejejejee XD I have another question. as the animations are removed? I have extracted Canes origins with Lime. But I can draw animations to reload, shoot the wind, ice, fire and all that? No extract as animations and I need help. In one of your videos I saw you had the cane and you wind reloading. As you extract the animations? Using another program to remove the reload animations or shoot? As is to trigger wind? As reloading animations and all that is extracted? As you see I have little doubt that with the animations. I hope you can answer me and help me with this. Or if someone reads this forum and can help me I would appreciate too. Regards and await your responses. thanks

  16. Why Lemon supports exporting only weapon animations? Why it does not exports NPC and other animations?

  17. you released lemon nice work but dont you realise that that if you can get the programme to extract the anim as xanim straight from the game we can all use a hex editer to convert the anims for waw? its a lot quicker and easer less painfull doing it via a hex editer and i carnt login to lemon i regerd for the site i carnt sign into lemon so ive deleted it ill carry on getting anims the way i used to get

    1. Tom is working on making lemon support directly extract xanims from game, about that you said you can’t login in lemon I had the same problem it’s impossible to enter the password just try to log in only with username 6-7 times it worked for me.

  18. I got some flipping normal problem with bo2 and other mw series exported with smd format.
    It looks fine on the viewport but when I render it the normals are all flipped.

    There is anyways to flip those normals keeping skin modifier?

  19. hi tom are you still updating black ops 2 as I just purchased it thinking I can finally get weapons lol. thanks cloff

  20. Look like is broken, since it’s always tell me “The following exe is different to any the tool supports…” for both of games(BO, BO2).

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