Super GDT – Converter

This is a tool that will be soon included with Lime to aid in converting models after exporting.

The tool will load the GDT and allow for a 1 click convert all of the assets starting with the materials 1st.

You can do this within asset manger by clicking(F11) but it has some drawbacks that warrant me making this tool.

The main draw back is that asset manger will create a database of GDT entries and delete converted assets from raw if you do not have a GDT for it.
This means if you have moved cod4 models over or have xmodel files without the GDt these assets will get deleted.



18 thoughts on “Super GDT – Converter

  1. I have to convert the materials to png as the software I use prefers png files, would this program do that?

  2. Hi Tom, ive got a little question for you, your download section will be ok soon or will be down for a long time? cause when i go to downloads section just appears one program to download, no more.

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