Tom’s Melee weapons – Released + Source

I’m released the full set of files for my melee weapons as well as the full source, which can be found in the downloads.

The files are to help people learn as well as allowing people to use them in their maps.

The following files are includes:

  • xAnims
  • xModels
  • Materials
  • Images
  • Weapon Files
  • Maya Source
  • Animation Source
  • GDT

I will be releasing more of my old projects to the public soon, so keep a eye out for new releases.

Below are some videos of the weapons in action:



10 thoughts on “Tom’s Melee weapons – Released + Source

  1. Hello Tom,

    Could you make this weapons for COD4? They are amazing, but not suitable for COD4.
    Thank you so much!

    Regards, Stanley.

  2. I tried to add them, but when I started the game I got the default weapon instead of the Katana. During I made the FF file I got this error message, but the convertion was successful at the end. The error:


    Module: D:\Activision\Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare\bin\linker_pc.exe
    File: C:\trees\cod3-pc\cod3-modtools\cod3src\src\database\db_stream_save.cpp
    Line: 459


  3. I modded in, but I realised that it has got a strange shape when an another player holds it. Colud you make a solution for this?

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