I have developed a new program that provides a much more complete update system than what my previous programs included.

It allows for update checks silently from the main application meaning no net code or update systems have to be added to the main application it is all contained withing the update program.

The updater has a settings file that is used to set the name and directories of the application been updated, this information is used to get the current programs version, icons and other application related information.

This means the updater can be used with many applications without ever having to be recompiled.

Feature Snippet:

* Release note highlights including links.
* License page
* Display product related info
* Shortcut creation
* Optional updates
* Hash based updating
* Proxy server support
* Self updating




4 thoughts on “Updater

  1. I have the same problem. It fails to retrieve the update (says files are not available) and then quits out. After a couple of attempts my WORK internet is now blocked from the site and I cant access at all 🙁

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