xAnim Exporter – Supports direct Cod2 converting

The latest update to my xAnim Exporter(1.51) includes a updated converter that supports more than just Cod5 to Black ops 1 converting.

You can now drag and drop a Cod2 xAnim and have it directly converted to either a Cod4 / Cod5 or Black Ops 1 animation.

Converting the other direction is also supported, meaning Cod4 / cod5 And Black Ops 1 animations can be directly converted to the Cod2 xAnim format.

If you already have the program just start it and it will update.
Otherwise the latest version of the program can be found in the downloads section.

49 thoughts on “xAnim Exporter – Supports direct Cod2 converting

  1. Excellent work! Will there ever be a direct xAnim extractor for Black Ops 1, like the new xModel extractor does for Black Ops 2?

      1. What I was trying to say was – is there a possibility that in the future you might make an xAnim extractor that extracts xAnims from the game (Such as Black Ops 1) in a similar manner as the xModel extractor does for Black Ops 2.

        Essentially a tool that extracts the xAnims directly from the game.

        1. Yes a in-game xAnim exporter for BO1, BO2 and MW2 is in the works.

          Work on it will be continued once support for BO1 and MW2 is finished for Lime.

        1. I’m not sure how to do it exactly, but I would imagine you would need to include the animations in a CSV file somewhere as well as call them in one of the GSC animscripts.

  2. Great work Tom!
    I exported the COD5 dp28 animations and modified a dp28 weapon file to use them. COD2 complains that ads_up and ads_down can’t be looping. Probably have to clear a looping flag for COD2.
    To be able to continue testing I removed the ads animations from the weapon file, but the game crashes when I spawn. Not sure if this is caused by bad anims… might be something else.

    1. Thanks for letting me know.

      When I added the code to convert to cod2 I did not actually have cod2 installed at the time so was unable to test it myself.

      I gave it to someone who had cod2 to play with and they said all was fine so I released. But from what you say some animations seam to have a problem.

      I’m currently setting up my new pc so can’t open the project at the moment and fix it, but sometime this week once my pc is backup and running I will look into it.

    2. Same thing with me, but the game didn’t crashed with idle animation but just after i tried to make the first shot..
      and the idle looked all jazzed up…

    1. Plus I tried to run the animation with your xanim exporter in maya and re-export it as mp_fullbody type and it’s bugged ingame (the animation pose is fine but the character becomes huge) but when I try to apply my new cod4 animation to the character in maya it looks normal.
      So basically I re-exported the animation, ingame it’s bugged but in Maya it’s just fine (after exporting my own animation with your tool).

    1. I need to get Cod2 installed so I can work out what the problem is with some cod2 xanims.

      Which I will do after the next Lime update.

  3. Just out of curiosity: Why can’t I convert a CoD2 animation to CoD4 xanim format and then back to CoD2? Why doesn’t the animation work correctly then?

    1. Everything is working well. You probably installed the wrong tags.
      Here’s an example
      ∟ tag_bullet

  4. i’m using windows 8.1 and xanim doesn’t working:
    -after download,i tried run the xanim exporter and
    it requested some dll’s
    -i downloaded the dlls and it opened but I CAN’T DRAG FILES.
    (i tried on compatibility mode on windows xp,but no drag diles,win7-can’t find TOM_MFC_Util.dll.

    there’s a way to fix it?

    1. where abouts did you place the exe for the application it sounds like its not in the same folder as the .dll’s if you moved it somewhere else make a shortcut to that location instead

  5. well,i didn’t moved any file
    i downloaded it again and i’m getting the same error.
    ——————log file————————

    *** Application Started (Version 1.52) : 25/8/2013 18:19:13 ***

    Logging Mode: Normal
    OS Major Ver: 6
    Can’t find ‘Tom_MFC_Util.dll’

  6. thanks tom for great tools
    tom ,I have a security camera model in maya and made an animation for it. how do I can export to cod5?

  7. hello tom, how to make cod2 xanim file from cod4 xanim with this tool? should i convert directly or with exporter? thanks for answer

  8. so i was wondering, why is it when i add notetracks to the regular reload anim it works, but when i do the reload empty anim, it reverts back as soon as i exit out of the exporter? its really goofy and i cant figure out if its something im doing or what? any help is appreciated!

  9. well i think i figured it out, i mustve been trying to add the notetracks at too high a frame, i dont know how i missed that each anim has different frame amounts XD anyways thanks for getting back and thanks for all your tools. like 50 to 60 percent of my map is only here because of your tools

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