Xmodel Utils v1.0

I have released my updated version of XmodelUtils, which can be found in the downloads.


New features:

* Adds more light settings
* Fixed bones in XE
* White verts in MA’s
* Mini option menu
* Updated tray msg(click to open location)
* Tag view will display correct root joint name aka ‘j_gun’
* Supports loading of all LODS.
* Dimensions are shown around the bounding boxes.
* Wireframe also supports ‘on shaded’ mode
* Hove over tag name view.
* bounding boxes.

23 thoughts on “Xmodel Utils v1.0

  1. @Gazyi i been asked him for that a while ago… he said he had it done already just not released for some reason

    … crashes on startup with an OpenGL error

  2. hey i’ve been searching long and far on how to export xmodels/xanims on maya and ive found lots but nothing works is there ANY thing that can help me here please help me

  3. some bodey palesssssssssss answare my qustion….my game not frome steam…and dont have raw file (error not found)…software cant found it….. palese what i must dooo palesssss answare

  4. Also, as a feature request, could you tickbox the make GDT, and make it so we can select multiple files at once. I would be awesome if I didnt have to rip a few hundred models one by one, then make GDT’s for them..one by one.

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