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I am currently working on a program that will be able to view and export Call of Duty Xmodels along with many other features.

The program uses openGL for rendering combined with all my own GUI / openGL libraries to create the menus / text.


* 3D View
* Uses all my own OpenGL Libraries / engine
* Full logging (with error filtering based on importance)
* Multithread – 4 main threads (render, main loader, utility, misc background loaders)
* Auto recover (if xmodel loader has critical error will recover while running = no restart of app)
* Fps is reduced when program dose not have focus to reduce cpu load.
* Joint preview in 3D view
* 100% identical joint binds to original file
* Exports IWI’s to dds in export folder
* Exports Ma / OBJ / xmodel_export
* Xmodel properties (col LODs, materials, view distances)
* View tags (.html)
* GDT creator for use with asset_manger
* Saves all settings
* Tray icon with useful options
* Bubble msg (displays export info / copy paste data)
* Progress bar
* 3D Lighting
* Very Fast !
* Resize is as easy as dragging the window

* Supports Cod4, Cod5, Cod BO
* FastFile Scanner (export from fastfiles)
* xmodel properties can also be viewed in child windows
* Loading screen while GUI assets are loaded (not visable on my pc, but slower pc’s may take a second or 2)
* plus more …

Demo Video:

Example Images:

New GLSL Shaders

Xmodel Utils xModel Utils – Settings Menu

37 thoughts on “Xmodel Utils

  1. Hi Tom,
    I saw on a forum that you were adding COD2 character exporting to the XModel Utils. It looked like you were close to releasing an update that would include this feature, but the forum thread kinda died, and the tool has not been updated.
    Is this still something you consider adding, or did you drop the project? Thanks.

  2. I can’t run the Xmodel Utils, does it need install something?My OS is windows sen7en. But it doesn’t work.Please help me,thank U very much!

  3. Hi Tom,
    every time i launch the soft, it crashes with a run time error request. it’s strange cause it was working befor could you explain that to me please?

  4. Hi Tom. You did a great work and helped us CoD mappers a lot with your nice programs! Thnx for that.
    Now, i was wondering if it’s possible that you make this Xmodel Util to export xanim’s with models also?

  5. hey I have been trying to port a few weapons from bo1 with this tool, i export the view and world models (xmodel export and creat gdt) i put then in a bo1 subfolder in model export, convert the materials first then the xmodels for both view and world, change the models and animations in a weapon file tovthe ones matching the ported weapon, convert the animations using the animation tool add all the models and anims to the mod.csv file and add the anims etc. to the respective folders in the mods/mapname folder, and in game the weapons show up but the anims dont work correctly and the magazine and attachments are like floating in the air? im lost as to what im doing wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated

  6. I have a problem.. When viewing BO1 weapons and models, most/all of the textures are missing (Also when exported they are the crappy grayscale ones even for colour) I’ve moved IWI’s and everyhting so have no Idea how to fix it.

  7. some bodey palesssssssssss answare my qustion….my game not from steam…and dont have raw file (error not found)…software cant found it….. palese what i must dooo palesssss answare

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