Xmodel Utils v1.0

I have released my updated version of XmodelUtils, which can be found in the downloads. http://tom-crowley.co.uk/downloads/ New features: * Adds more light settings * Fixed bones in XE * White verts in MA’s * Mini option menu * Updated tray msg(click to open location) * Tag view will display correct root joint name aka ‘j_gun’ […]

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Lime – MW2 Support

Lime will soon be updated with MW2 Support, the video below gives more info. The update will not be released until, I’ve received a few donations just like for the BO1 support. Once MW2 support is out and any bugs that arise after release are fixed work on xAnim exporting for BO2 will be finished off. To Donate […]

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I have developed a new program that provides a much more complete update system than what my previous programs included. It allows for update checks silently from the main application meaning no net code or update systems have to be added to the main application it is all contained withing the update program. The updater […]

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xAnim Exporter

This Tool allows you to extract compressed and compiled animations from Call Of Duty’s proprietary binary file format. The GUI interface allows you to drag and drop the animations displaying useful information about the file. The GUI can also export the animation to my own binary format that stores the animation in a uncompressed manner […]

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