TomXmodelUtils v1

The latest version of my XmodelUtils.

Version: 1.041
Note: Supports AMD

Total downloads: 22969
Released: 2010-01-07


64-bit version of Lime

Version: 1.11
Currently Supports: Ghosts, Advanced Warfare

Total downloads: 19248
Released: 2010-01-07


Drag and drop tool that converts many common dds formats into .tga

It also supports ATI2 (the normal map format Lime64 exports)

Total downloads: 9394
Released: 2010-01-07

Maya tanim plugins

Maya plugins for loading tanims

Supports: 6.5, 8, 2009, 2011-2020

Total downloads: 14798
Released: 2019-12-26


Lemon is a in game xAnim Exporter for Call Of Duty.

It can export all loaded animations to .tanim

Currently Supports: BO1 & BO2 & MW2 & MW3 & Ghosts (SP/MP)

Version: 1.423

Total downloads: 10468
Released: 2010-01-07

Ghost Sound Exporter

Export streamed sounds from Ghost soundpak's

Version: 1.0

Total downloads: 7922
Released: 2010-01-07

Ghost Pak Exporter

Exports images from Ghost image paks.

Total downloads: 13698
Released: 2010-01-07

DDS Alpha Remover

Utility Tool that is included with Lime that provides drop and drag alpha removal of any DDS image.

* Supports DXT(1a,2,3,4,5)

Version: 1.0

Total downloads: 7952
Released: 2010-01-07

COD - Convert All Patch

This is a COD mod tools converter patch that prevents the running of converter in 'all' mode which will delete all assets that you don't have GDT's for.

It also disabled the 'converter' button in Launcher

* Supports Cod4, Cod5, BO1

Version: 1.0

Total downloads: 8132
Released: 2010-01-07

COD - Image Copy Tool

This is a small utility tool that will copy custom images used by your map to your mods folder.

So if you have made a map that uses alot of custom models and textures you will no longer need to keep track of which images you have used, just run the tool and and custom images will be moved.

Version: 1.0

Total downloads: 8285
Released: 2010-01-07

BO1 Nesting Doll - Wallpaper

This is a 1080p render of the Nesting Bomb doll models used in Black Ops 1, the models where exported using Lime.

The Img has a transparent background so it's easy for you to add something behind, if you edit the wallpaper and wish me to add it to the download just message me.

Total downloads: 7038
Released: 2010-01-07


Lime is a in game xModel Exporter for Call Of Duty.

It can export all loaded models into either obj, ma or xe.

Currently Supports: BO 2, BO 1, MW2, MW3


Total downloads: 28307
Released: 2014-09-13

Tom's Melee weapons - Released + Source

I'm releasing the full set of files for my melee weapons as well as the full source. This includes the maya files, GDT's animations the whole lot.

You may use them in your map and also for learning purposes, if you do use them please provide me with credit.

Total downloads: 10327
Released: 2015-06-09

iPak Exporter

This tool can export img's from Black Ops 2 ipak files, converts directly to DDS format with normal maps been converted to .TGA.

Run the tool to see the list of options or check the readme file.

* ~25mb ram usage
* Supports all ipak internal formats
* Version 1.21 adds 15,000 DLC textue names
* Version 1.22 adds DLC4 textue names

Version: 1.22

Total downloads: 18753
Released: 2015-02-03

Black Ops Sound Converter Tool

Allows you to export and create all types of Black Ops Sounds to be used in your mod.

Drag and drop multiple files or even a folder and it will convert or export the .wav's

New: Supports extracing sounds Directly from FastFiles

Version: 1.4

Total downloads: 14975
Released: 2014-10-14

Tom xAnim Extractor

This tool combined with the provided Maya plugins allow you to import Call of Duty Animations in to Maya.

Drag and Drop files to expot.

Currently Supports: Cod2, Cod4, Cod5, Cod BO
Included Plugins: 6.0, 8.5, 9.0 (32/64 bit), 2011 (32/64 bit), 2012 (32/64 bit)

Version: 1.54

Total downloads: 18985
Released: 2014-12-04

Tom FastFile Extractor

This tool allows you to extract files from a Cod FastFile, including sounds.

Very Fast, with simple drag and drop interface. Multiple FastFiles can be dragged on at once

Currently Supports: Cod4, Cod5, Cod BO

Version: 1.01

Total downloads: 30267
Released: 2014-04-24


This tool provides a quick and easy way to view Cod models, like asset viewer but much faster.
Also provides xmodel info and Joint info in html.

One click export to .MA, .OBJ including textures and joints.

For More info check the front page.

Version: 0.987

Total downloads: 22929
Released: 2014-09-03

Script Shrinker

Shrinks Cod GSC code to a smaller size, will most likely work with other code types but untested.

This gains two things:
   smaller file size.
   Harder For people to read your code.

Version: 1.1

Total downloads: 7600
Released: 2013-03-21

Tom IWIViewer

Allows very easy and quick viewing of IWI images without the need to convert them.
Displays the image on a quad which is renderd using openGL.

The Image can also be zoomed in and roated / flipped around with the mouse.
There is a built in export button which when clicked will export the selected image to .dds (save in same directory as iwi)

Loads: DTX1, DTX3, DTX5, RGB8 & RGBA8

Supports: Cod4, Cod5, BO, MW2

Version: 1.4.2

Total downloads: 23037
Released: 2011-02-21

Tom IWI & DDS Converter

Console Based IWI to DDS converter.

Can covert a .iwi to a .dds just by draging the file on to the application.

It will also covert a .dds back to a .iwi by draging the .dds image on to the application.

Multiple files can be dropped at once. (the limit of max file to drag / drop depends on your OS)

Supports: Cod4, Cod5, BO, MW2

Version: 1.3

Total downloads: 15944
Released: 2011-05-28

Cod4 Xmodel Mover

Uses the c++ Xmodel class I developed for my XmodelExporter / editor to get the files used by the xmodels in cod4 and extract them to a folder.
Also renaming the surface files to work with cod5.

Converter is a seprate binary which you can run from your program or use the included GUI program.

Move All button supports up to 40 threads of conversions.

Version: 1.2 Converter: 1.7

Total downloads: 12163
Released: 2010-05-14

Cod Map Packer

Application that scans your .map file for prefabs and textures used.

It then gets all the prefabs .maps' materials and images and moves then into a folder for you for easy backup.
This makes sure you have all your custom textures inside your map backup as well as prefabs.
New: Advanced Script Backup options.

Multithread for speed and responsive GUI.
Full logging with error reports.

Version: 2.0

Total downloads: 9345
Released: 2010-02-14

Timed GamePlay

Timed based gameplay replaces standard rounds.

Since realse over 15 custom maps have used it along with intergration into mods.

The first version I made was featured in 'nazi_zombie_420'

Total downloads: 7409
Released: 2012-04-05

Tom's Music Box

My menu based music box is featured in many maps since its release.

All the files needed are included in the download.

Total downloads: 8174
Released: 2011-11-18