Tom xAnim Extractor - Release Notes
Versions with 'Released Soon' next to them are been worked on, all updates currently listed under that version have been finished but the update will not be released untill all planned updates are finished for that version.

Version 1.52 - Latest Version

* Updated NoteTrack Writer

Version 1.51

* Converter now also supports converting Cod2 animations directly to either Cod4 / Cod5 or Black Ops 1 animations

Version 1.5

* Allows direct converting to cod2 From Cod4 / Cod5 And Black Ops 1
* Uses new Frame code, has better fullscreen behavior
* Updated color theme to my current
* Few tweaks and behind scene render logic updates

Version 1.41

* Supports multiple notes per a frame
* Drag and drop area increased to dialog size
* Added Reset Button for Export directory
* Added Maximise button
* Double clicking top bar will maximise
* Clicking tray icon will now minamise the program

Version 1.4

* Tested on Win XP
* You can now edit FPS and game version via 'edit selected' button
* Added option to clear all animation data instead of only clearing the tags been loaded
* NoteTrack code finished
* Program makes use of my new custom smooth progress bar
* Tutorial Link added
* Few tweaks and behind scene render logic updates

Version 1.3

* Can now load and edit Cod2 animations
* Fixed a bug in 1.2 where corrupt .tanim where been exported
* Plugin updated to version 3
* Plugin can now load Cod2 animations

Version 1.2

xAnim Version changer:
* IO bug fixed
* Log button intergrated (appears on error)
* Up to 5 Tag View Dlg's can be open at one time
* Can save selected animation if it has been edited
* Added Release notes link to main Dlg
* Abbilty to add new notes
* Edit and delete existing notes
* xAnim Lists shows edited state (last colom)
* Frame code updated to reduce flicker on resize.
* Stopped default scroll bars adding themself back on resize.
* Resize code for cntrls updated
* Couple of behind the scene GUI logic / render updates
* No updates

Version 1.1

* Fixed Drag and drop identification